The History

The Shadow Box Project was inspired by a family military research project that began in 2011.  The research was conducted by The Shadow Box Project founder, Chip Chaon.  Chip's wife, Jessica, had a grandfather, Mr. Howard Wolf, who served in WWII as a US Navy Officer.  Howard had been deceased since 1995 and the family knew very little about Howard's service during the war.  Chip had become the custodian of Mr. Wolf's official military records and set out to research Howard's participation in WWII in an effort to share his service history with the family.  The research led to a document detailing Howard's contribution to the war effort, which ultimately led to a shadow box project to honor his military service. 

The shadow box was presented to Mr. Wolf's widow on July 4, 2012 as a tribute to his service.  Mrs. Wolf proudly displayed the shadow box in her home until her death in early 2013.  The shadow box has become a family heirloom and is now proudly displayed in the home of Chip & Jessica Chaon, where three of Howard's thirteen great grandchildren reside.

The pride and joy resulting from the first project was enough to fuel the desire to assist others in honoring their veteran in a similar way.  The Shadow Box Project was born.